Complex event processing or CEP is a method of analyzing and tracking data from multiple sources to identify events or patterns that suggest opportunities or threats. In financial markets, CEP is used to create trading strategies by filtering, correlating and analyzing many live data feeds. Before Quancept, this technique has never been available to the mainstream market of traders and investors.

InSync is our powerful yet easy-to-use module which contains highly intuitive tools for the building, back-testing and deployment of complex trading strategies. Powered by a robust CEP engine, the InSync platform ensures traders no longer have to sacrifice flexibility and creativity for ease of use.

With newly implemented NLP service, Quancept assists traders to realize strategies with even more convenient and direct approach. In only a few minutes, traders can setup market filtering or scanning conditions with natural language, in Chinese or English. Blitz-fast precision backtester verifies strategies with advanced infrastructure of mass scale against historical trading data. Thanks to newest development in machine learning and artificial intelligence, Quancept AI strategy enhancer helps optimize trading strategies with a few clicks.

CrystalTrade is our strategy level monitoring interface. Traders can monitor orders and real time P&L at the single stock level as well as at the strategy level. Multiple strategies may be monitored simultaneously in any combination.

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