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Quancept is focused on streamlining the process of idea generation, strategy development, back-testing all the way to strategy execution. We provide multiple services to help clients excel in today’s competitive trading environment and achieve absolute returns with lower risk.

Standard Services

InSync Market Filter - Real-time trading opportunities on your desktop

Trading is about buying and selling at the right price at the right time. It comes down to filtering for market opportunities. Stock selection is not a new concept. Quancept InSync is unique in that it allows users to build flexible and comprehensive filter rules and to receive real-time signals for any complex trading ideas.

Let’s say you are a swing trader and are interested in buying all stocks that meet all of the following conditions:

  • 20 day average volume greater than 2 million shares
  • Price over $10
  • On daily time frame, Stock in an up-trend and crossed below 20 day moving average
  • Stock price just hit intraday high after 10am.

You can create a filter in InSync for the exact logic and receive alerts throughout the trading day. Trading signaling has never been made so easy.

Here are a few examples of what InSyncTM can monitor for.

  • Technical patterns
  • Statistical Arbitrage
  • Abnormal tick/volume pattern
  • Rapid price changes
  • Relative strength/weakness
  • Cross-timeframe
  • Spread trading
  • Trend following/mean reversion
  • Bollinger Bands/Tom Demark

The platform is limited only by a trader’s imagination.

InSync Back-testing reveals the true potential of your trading idea

What is the probability of success of your trading idea? Nice if there’s a platform out there that lets you do all of the following and gives you the historical back-test result in one step.

  • Specify rule for entering and exiting positions and potential stock universe
  • Specify position management and advanced order management
  • Specify risk management at account, portfolio and individual position level, and capital management

You got it with InSync! You can create a complete trading strategy and back-test it across the entire stock market or your preferred portfolio within 15-30 minutes. Nowhere else is this capability available.

Strategy Forward Test & Live Trading – Realize profit at light speed

Now, you are ready to take the strategy to profitability. Traditionally you need to buy and co-locate your own servers, develop trading software, buy market data feed, develop order connectivity, etc, which takes forever. Instead, your strategy can be run on our dedicated servers inside Equinix NY4, where all major financial institutions meet for order execution, with utmost speed and super low latency. CrystalTrade provides total control of your portfolio positions. You instantly rise to the same level of playing field as Wall street’s bulge bracket institutions.

Custom Services

For shortest time to market of your trading idea, Quancept provides the highest quality strategy development and backtesting service in the industry.

Tick-based Back-testing – Precision matters

If your strategy requires lower time frame or even tick-level granularity in the trading rules, tick-based back-testing is necessary to verify the effectiveness of a strategy. After you create a strategy, we can back-test your strategy using our stored tick data going back 10 years. Fees are based on the number of months requested for the back-test.

Outsourced Strategy Development

Our quantitative developers can help you develop your trading idea into a complete trading strategy in as little as one day. The strategy will include entry, exit, position and order management as well as risk management at the strategy and individual position level. You get the benefit of our deep expertise in quantitative trading.

Strategy Portfolio Structuring/Optimization – Alpha increase in 7 days

Certain groups of stocks/futures or industry/sectors work best with a quantitative strategy. We can help you narrow down to the best universe to apply your strategy to using portfolio optimization techniques. A noticeable increase in alpha is expected within 7 days.

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