Idea generation & filtering

You have a trading idea. You want to find the stocks that meet your exact criteria. Quancept InSync™ is a one-stop platform for advanced filtering and idea generation. You define your filtering logic, simple or complex, using the easy-to-use wizard or natural language processor in minutes. InSync™ detects all trading opportunities in the market, tick-by-tick, and pushes trading signals to your desktop in real-time. For manual traders, their productivity has increased ten-fold.

Modeling & back testing

You decide to automate trading. Quancept InSync™ lets you create a complete custom trading strategy in 10 minutes, covering position entry, exit as well as advanced risk and order management. One or more strategies can be back tested immediately on your desired portfolio, at daily, minute or tick resolution. Back testing is no longer limited to a single stock or a single strategy. You get comprehensive back-test performance and trade report. Evaluating portfolio-based trading strategy has never been more precise and easier.With machine learning, Quancept AI strategy enhancer fine-tunes trading ideas to optimization.

Live trading & monetization

Now you have strategies that withstood rigorous back testing. The strategies can be forward-tested in real-time simulation or deployed into live trading. They are executed precisely in our managed execution environment at the best trading center in the world – Equinix-NY4, where reliability and speed of trading are second to none. Quancept CrystalTrade™ provides advanced execution management and gives you total control of your portfolio and profit.

Our History

Our original mission was no small task: We wanted to give non-programmers the opportunity to turn their ideas into an actionable module without having to rely on a hired programmer.

Only those with both extensive programming experience and formidable trading prowess could bring these pieces together. Our founder started his career as a high level programmer before becoming a highly successful trader. Wanting to engage in building and deploying trading strategies with more efficiency and speed-to-market, he developed a complete platform for signal generation, strategy execution to order management. Quancept is the result of our founder solving his own problem.

The rest of our team has spent decades working with clients ranging from individual proprietary traders to multibillion-dollar hedge funds. Our competitors tend to consist solely of programmers trying to service traders. Our team comes at the problem from a different perspective: Quancept was created by top level technologists but informed every step of the way by trading sensibilities.

Since we accomplished our original mission, something else has happened: Despite having the ability to build their ideas from scratch, the most expert programmers have become some of our biggest fans. Even the most talented among them find that Quancept grants the ability to build and test many more strategies in a short period of time, allowing far greater focus on winning strategies.

The Quancept Trading Platform raises the bar for possibilities in automated trading systems. Non-programmers can meaningfully, efficiently, and profitably enter the automated trading strategy game. And programmers can become more efficient in finding profitable strategies by orders of magnitude.

Time to market is reduced, costs are cut, profitability increases.

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