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InSync is an easy-to-navigate and highly intuitive interface driven by our powerful Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine. The CEP power is what enables the user to be so efficient and sophisticated with their strategy builds. Our years spent building the CEP leave the end user with just the money-making “fun stuff”.

Filter and Signal criteria building is done using our Excel-like EasyFormula. For new users, InSync also offers a step-by-step filter wizard for idea generation and modeling. Though our platform appeals to even the savviest programmers, no one ever need worry that they lack the skills necessary to be a do-it-yourself strategy builder.

Natural language stockpicker gives traders an even more powerful edge, filtering market by expressing investment thoughts in plain English/Chinese. Unique Quancept platform no-coding experience just brings the quantitative trading entry bar significantly lower.

With the filters built, the intuitive Strategy Builder module allows for the simple configuration of a comprehensive strategy to guide the trading of the signals. A user is led through the process of strategy building from high level strategy parameters (buying power) to entry criteria (position sizing, order types, time in force, targets, stops, etc.) to exit criteria (dynamic exit conditions). A sophisticated strategy can be built around your filter criteria in minutes.

Once your strategy is complete, a user can take advantage of our back-testing facility to glean profitability information as well as a number of other relevant metrics, including max capital used, max drawdown, and relevant performance ratios. Since users are able to specify order types, which can be run against tick level data in our back-testing environment, they can be confident they are using the most precise back-testing results on the market.

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